Sunday, March 01, 2009

Week Nine

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Relaxing with Laptops
Post-Play relaxation, watching True Blood on Craig's laptop while I caught up with my Google Reader.

Monday: Hey Tiki you're so fine
Craig bought me a hot pink hei tiki to cheer me up.

Tuesday: Behave, behoove, Beehive
Behave, behoove, beehive. Spelling mistake spotted on the security board near my work.

Wednesday: Sticker overkill
Sticker overkill.

Thursday: from the train
My favourite clouds, taken from the train.

Friday: Kitten Noses
Kitten noses!

Saturday: Rainy day Ballerina
Rainy day ballerina.


Didn't much feel like a self portrait this week


  1. KITTEN NOSES oh my gosh the cute, it hurts. Hope you're doing okay - and that is an "I'm exhausted from being super awesome in my purple jumper" sort of pose.

  2. I know right? So little and pink. Of course she's actually a very old cat, she's just still kitten sized. Kind of like me!

    It's more of an oh fuck it's Saturday and I haven't taken a self portrait yet and my hair is gross and my face is horrible and it's too cold to wear much other than my AA hoodie and my head is very sad so I may as well just claw at my face for a photo. Hee. Sigh.