Friday, September 18, 2009

It's like they don't know me at all ...

I have had this conversation three or four times in the last half hour:

S: Oo! My Goat Antlers* have arrived!
Other: Wha?
S: My Goat Antlers.
Other: Huh?
S: my Goat Antlers with Cranium attached!
Other: Where did you get them?
S: Trademe**
Other: Are they ... Do they ... smell?
S: No. (sniffs antlers) No. I think that was the packaging.
Other: Why? What for? Ugh? Weird?
S: To mount. On the wall. Goat Antlers. With Cranium attached!

Goat Antlers!

Goat Antlers with Cranium attached!

* Uh yea. Goats have Horns. But they were advertised and sold as "antlers" so it stuck.
** NZ eBay

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