Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week Thirty-Seven

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Limoncello Slice
Father-Darling took us to Bella Italia for Father's Day lunch - I came away with delicious Limoncello Slice.

Monday: Craig does the Bills
Craig chose Monday night to go through our accounts. Masochist.

Tuesday: Coloured in Tattoo
I allowed a co-worker's daughter to colour in my cupcake tattoo.
I wasn't expecting the whole thing to be coloured in and then I had to spend all day looking like I have a ridiculously bad tattoo.

Wednesday: Driving Home
Our train was cancelled in the morning so Craig and I ended up driving in to work.
I quite like it, it's half an hour of hanging with Sir C & the music we listen to instead of jabbering commuters.

Thursday: In these shoes I am 5"5
In these shoes I am 5'5.25" (4 inch heels) and it's quite a different experience. Also? they last featured on 365 in 2009 on a Thursday.

Friday: A grey day and a grey mood
Catching a late train. A grey day and a very grey mood.

Saturday: Meringue Coffee at Flax
Meringue coffee (actually? it was just a latte) at Flax Café, Petone.


Rose Tattoo: Work Shirt Edition
Rose Tattoo: Work Shirt Edition

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  1. Haha my friend has cobweb tattooed on his head we've coloured that in before when drunk ha!