Saturday, September 12, 2009

So I turn my head away.

Petone Beach Sunset

I hate the sunsets here.
It's just another day ending in a country I find suffocating.

(photo from January 2008)


  1. Anonymous11:36 am

    I don't know you at all, I don't remember how I found your blog and I live on the other side of the planet. Yet, there's something about your blog I find so beautiful, simple and refreshing... I always wait for new posts and even the simplest ones touch me somehow. I don't know why I don't comment when I like a photo or when I find a new tattoo amazing, but know that even when you're having a suffocating sunset... some girl in Montreal is reading you at sunrise with a warm cup of tea and a smile on or face.

  2. Oh, Merlu, this is the sweetest comment I've ever received on my little site. Thank you. It made me smile on a very dark day. Thank you.

  3. It's funny, because sometimes I think about how suffocating it feels to be here with the not-quite-fitting-in and the money problems and the one-person-support, and I miss New Zealand with its simplicity and prettiness and sitting around by Eastbourne.. and I see your blog and think we really should just swap for a bit.


  4. Kat - if only immigration issues were that easily solved! Don't worry, New Zealand isn't going anywhere.