Monday, August 15, 2011

Tattooed in a Snowstorm

Stencil! ready to go.

I don't think I'll forget today in a hurry. No, seriously.
Mainly because of my tattoo but partly, partly because of the snowstorm.

Snow! Real snow from my office! Snow! Real snow from my office!

Seriously. It snowed in Wellington. More than I can ever remember.

Snowwww! from Bowen House

But yes. Also the tattoo. I'm in love with it.
Síorghrá is Gaelic for eternal love.

Outline done! Shading: mostly done.

Gill does amazing work.

Blue ribbon!

I can't wait until it's healed. He used turquoise for the keyhole and the script but it doesn't really show up here.
It's beautiful though.

Complete. Swollen and complete.

It was kind of chilly spending most of the afternoon in a sleeveless top.
In a snowstorm.

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