Sunday, January 18, 2009

Week Three

365 in 2009!

Last night ...
The morning after the night before. Stamp from the concert (Metronomy & The Teenagers) but the stamp had the date for the Auckland concert on it.

Monday Lunch in the Park
The sun was out, the wind was low, I sat and had lunch in a park.

Tuesday: Poor Tiffany
One of the cats has a terrible eye infection. She was taken to the vet and chose our bed for her drugged out sickbed.

Tulle Underskirt
It was our wedding anniversary and I wore a pretty dress to celebrate.

Thursday: Leaving Work
Leaving work. Another quiet week. Wearing a vintage bowtie as a bracelet. Carrying a bag that I bought in a moment of madness which now turns out to be a lifesaver because it fits my DSLR perfectly. No more carrying around the uuugly camera bag OR an oversized handbag.

Bunny on the Street
A bunny! on the street in Wellington.

Saturday: Celabratory Cupcake!!
Celebrating our wedding anniversary with Cupcakes in the park in which we had our wedding photos taken.


If I have to dress like a boy

If I have to dress like a boy for rehearsal (jeans, trainers, a shirt) then I'm going to accessorise with my pinkpink glasses & pinkpink ring.


  1. Anonymous5:37 pm

    Hi sarah, help!! DId you a long time ago post a picture or mention about camel-riding in Melbourne? cos if it was you, tell me where! how ! I am longing to ride a camel in Melbourne or surrounds & can't be saved by google.... :(
    X Thanks! Tasj (u know my email)

  2. Anonymous6:00 pm

    Oh, how I have missed you. I am glad to know where you are now, and that you haven't just turned into a twitter.