Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Last night: Wellington Tweet Up

Wellington Tweetup: @McQuillanator (Laura), @sarahrose (Moi), & @MsConstantine (Kim)
@McQuillanator (Laura), @sarahrose (Moi), & @MsConstantine (Kim)
Polaroid taken by @kathrynwilson24

I met people from the internet. A lot of people.
And they did not chop me up into little pieces and distribute me around the city.

There was a Wellington "TweetUp" at The Malthouse and I went along, arriving just before the name badges and sending Craig frantic messages trying to look busy as I tried to find someone I recognised (turns out, twitter icons are TINY and NOT USEFUL FOR IDENTIFICATION PURPOSES) until, finally, someone I knew approached me. And she had the name badges.

But oh, I met a lot of lovely people.
And I met a lot of the lovely people I have been following on Twitter for some time. That was probably the best part.

Post Tweet Up Tweet


  1. Fantastic pic - I do love a good polaroid, and you look about 16 :P

  2. :D It was so great to finally meet you. I think, possibly, that you are even cuter in real life than on the internet. And that's really saying something!

  3. That is a really adorable photo of you!

  4. Tim - Thanks, thanks so much :p

    Kim - You too!

    Kat - Thanks - I'm benefiting from the low light in the bar I think.