Saturday, September 25, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 18 - The Future

Incense at Po Lin

Today the meme instructs me to tell you about my hopes and dreams.

I hope to remain passionate, in life & in love, with my photography, writing, & drama.
I hope to retain my sense of self. My humour & pathos, my cynical optimism, my pride in my appearance.
I hope to not have children for a fair few years yet. Ditto with owning a house.
I hope to travel more. Explore the world & take its picture.
I hope to work in an environment that stretches me intellectually, with people I like, who make me feel accomplished & appreciated.*

My dreams tend to be disappointingly boring but prescient.
I'll see snippets of a conversation that will occur two weeks later but, of course, it'll just be about what to have for lunch or something equally mundane.
Being boringly psychic is my almost-superpower.

* I do currently, but I hope this happens in the future too.

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