Sunday, October 03, 2010

Week Forty

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Brunch at Floriditas
My new baby camera out at brunch at Floriditas with Craig's aunt and uncle.

Monday: Retro Sign
I love the retro font on this sign near my work.

Tuesday: Jewellery and Stingray
I keep my most worn jewellery in this little dish on my chest of drawers. And yes, there's a plastic stingray just behind it.

Wednesday: Tempted to buy Billie Bones & his unattached Teeth
Tempted to buy Billie Bones and his unattached teeth. But I didn't.

Thursday: Waiting for our wood-fire pizza & gelato
Waiting for our wood-fire pizza and gelato at Mediterranean Food Warehouse.

Friday: An early morning photo near my desk.
Keep Calm and Carry On near my desk.

Saturday: Hungover. But in a nice way.
Hungover, but in a nice way.
I sat in town and ate a fruju then caught the train in the sun and showered and went to bed around midday. I was lethargic and tired but not nauseated. That's what I meant by a "nice" hangover.



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