Wednesday, September 08, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 1 - Facts

Selaks Riesling

Self-Portrait featuring the glass of wine which made me think this was a good idea

1. My favourite icecream flavour is Mint-Chocolate-Chip and my favourite candy is Snifters. Both have been discontinued in New Zealand. This is supremely annoying.

2. I swear like I come from the 1950s. I say damn and blast and shoot and bother. They are much more fun to say. But if I do want to swear, then I can swear like a motherfucker.

3. I have a degree in Criminology and Religious Studies. A bachelor of saints and sinners*.

4. Craig and I met when I was 16 and he was 17. We've been together ever since.

5. I'm related to acquitted murderer David Bain. Distantly.

6. From the ages of 12 to 26 my hair has only once been shorter than my shoulders. It's mainly been close to my waist. It seems I'm a long hair girl.

7. I love language. Words are beautiful and among my favourite things. Vespertine is my favourite. It means “of the evening” and I have it engraved on a bracelet. I also know two poems off by heart - The Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll and Spring by Gerard Manly Hopkins.

8. When I was at high school I played Pauline Parker in the school play "Daughters of Heaven" - I kissed a girl on stage, left a legacy, and won a drama award.

9. I'm quite obsessed with Lindow Man, Stingrays, and Charles Manson. I am also intrigued by my insanely high caffeine tolerance.

10. I used to have very very very little interest in politics. Yet somehow I ended up working (somewhere unspecified) at Parliament. And now? against my better judgement, I am interested.

11. I've seen David Bowie and Marilyn Manson in concert and cried at each. I just never thought I would ever see them in person. It's not an every-concert thing. I promise!

12. I can't drive. I can bend my pinky fingers in half while keeping the rest of my of my fingers straight. I don't think these two things are related.

13. I'm very pale. Like, nearly blue pale. I also like having bruises, I think they offset my pallor nicely.

14. I pierced my own belly button (it got infected & I had to take it out. SHOCK), tried to pierce my own nose, stretched one of my 3 ear piercings to 0g, and have 5 tattoos. But I’m a huge baby and I hate pain so avoid injections at all costs.

15. I have always been very good at spelling. I didn’t even hesitate about the correct spelling of caffeine up there. But of course there are some words which trip me up. Ironically, misspell is one of them.

* but my religious studies papers all related to eastern religions. It was not a theology degree.


  1. I completely agree with you on number one! On both counts. I lament the death of Snifters,,,,

  2. We both mentioned speller. Lol. Nerdz.

    Also, no more mint choc chip? that's a travesty!

    Also also, people can't spell caffeine?

  3. Phantom - it happened while I lived in London and I was incensed!

    Kat - yah, you can get "mint cookie smash" which has oreo bits in it, but they don't have the hardness of the chocolate chips and therefore it's JUST NOT THE SAME.
    Also, it's because it flies in the face of the (admittedly erroneous) "i before e except after c" rule.

  4. No way on the Spring thing - I know it by heart too. My old speech and drama teacher was a GMH fiend.

  5. Anonymous9:04 am

    Loved your post on your search for THE handbag...I wish I could carry my beloved dSLR around every day without noticing and fearing bumps and bruises. I found this shop online - - currently saving up...How gorgeous are they?!