Sunday, September 05, 2010

Week Thirty-Six

The Week in Photographs

Craig & his Ramones Tee at the Irish Club
Craig and his Ramones tee shirt accompanied me to the Irish Club for dinner.

Monday: Fluorescent Shoes
It was hard to capture in a photo but these shoes are insanely fluorescent.

Tuesday: resorting to chocolate
A long Tuesday - I resorted to chocolate.

Wednesday: Waiting for the Train
I stayed in town late to go to Back Benches. I caught the last train home.

Thursday: the Shopping gods smiled on me
I popped out for lunch and the shopping gods smiled on me - an outfit I'd been dreaming of for months, a book on sale, and a card for my papa of a dog dressed up like Charlie Chaplin.

Friday: Supreme Court in the Sun
Sitting in the spring sunshine by the Supreme Court.

Saturday: Blue Skies! Magnolia!
Blue skies and a flowering magnolia tree. It's spring in New Zealand!


First sunglasses of Spring

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