Tuesday, September 07, 2010

So there was a big earthquake in Christchurch ...

After the 7.1 earthquake in Christchurch on Saturday, and the subsequent devastation and aftershocks, the nightly news has been somewhat earthquake-preoccupied.
Sarah-Rose: Do we have an emergency kit?
Craig: We have some bottled water.
Sarah-Rose: but no canned food or anything?
Craig: Nah. Do you want to make an emergency kit?
Sarah-Rose: ... nah.
Craig: ...
Sarah-Rose: I want YOU to make an emergency kit.
Yes. I am a little worried about the impending apocalypse (there have been two small earthquakes in Wellington this afternoon) but not TOO worried. Obviously.
And Craig is lovely.


  1. We had the same conversation. Except here you don't get earthquakes or anything. I live in a surprisingly disaster-free location.

  2. We didn't have an emergency kit (and not much food anyway as we were moving out of our flat) and obviously a lot of other people didn't becuase they started going a bit crazy buying petrol, bottled water, baked beans and bread.

    By the time I got around to going to the shops for supplies the only thing left to drink was powerade, and after 4 days I'm sick of it :)

    So when we move into the new house I'll probably get some sort of emergency kit together, though Owen isn't too concerned!

  3. Bridey - I'd completely forgotten you live in Christchurch, I'm glad you're okay - how's the new house?
    Also, I'm glad the water is safe again now!