Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Promise to the Internet


Dearest, Darling, The Internet,

The last time I put myself on a Spending Hiatus it was January 6 2010. I felt full, a slave to consumerism, the meniscus of poorly thought out purchases threatening to spill over.

This time I'm just tired.

Tomorrow is a new month. We are closing in on halfway through 2011.
I've always believed that resolutions are not to be restricted to a new year. I have made resolutions on a new week, a new day, and this time, a new month. As such I have made an April Resolution.

Save for birthday presents, a jacket I have on layby, and perhaps a car*, I will not be buying anything until July.


p.s. you look lovely today. Seriously.

* more on that anon.


  1. Mindy7:56 pm

    S-R, I resolved to do exactly the same this week. I just finished reading 'Spent' by Avis Cardella (the story of an extreme shopaholic) and I am currently reading 'Not Buying it' by Judith Levine. I've also been inspired by Jill Chivers, who just went 12 months without buying any clothes (except for one small slip-up - see Solidarity makes quitting easier!

  2. Mindy8:25 pm

    Oh, and this report is also quite interesting:

  3. Thanks Mindy! I'll check those out.

  4. Anonymous1:49 pm

    I am inspired.

    I will start not spending today as well.

    phew, what a relief.

  5. I would.. if I had been spending! Ha. I will stop spending in July, after I have been paid and spent a little. I admire your restraint, however. :)

  6. Good luck Anonymous!

    And yes, Kat, you don't really need to if you haven't been spending!!